How To Customize Your Home Screen On IOS 14

Hello beautiful’s!! First off welcome to the blog, if you have any questions feel free to reach out or scroll the the bottom of the page for FAQ. Recently a new update came out allowing you to fully customize your home screen, every body is going crazy over this innovated idea. Although it’s a little tricky at first you will catch on quick.

Use Pinterest for inspo!

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Update Your Phone

This only works on IOS 14 so make sure to update your phone by going to settings –> phone update —> update.

Download Apps

To start download these two apps- They had a bit of a issue last week where their app kept crashing for many users which lowered their rating down to 3 stars. Don’t worry about that the app is now updated and works perfectly!

Widgetsmith- To make your small medium and large widgets.

Colour widget- Pretty for date widget.

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Open Widget Smith

1- Add Widget – either small medium or large, then tap on the widget to edit.

2- Customize – choose what you would like to display, change the text and colour.

Adding Photos – first in photos add the photo you would like to display into a new alum, there can only be the one photo in the album. Head over to WidgetSmith -> New Widget -> Tap On It -> Scroll Down To Custom -> Tap Photos In Album -> Tap/Swipe Selected Album -> Choose The New Album You Just Created -> Tap Top Right Corner To Go Back -> Save.

Open Color Widgets

This step is totally optional!

1- Open app.

2- Choose the one you like the best

3- Tap to customize, change font, colour, or add your own photo in the background

4- Tap on back

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Customize Home Screen

Hold down on any app -> edit home screen -> click on the plus in the top hand corner -> scroll down to widgetsmith (bottom) -> swipe for small medium or large widget -> tap on (+) add widget at bottom -> move it to the spot you want -> tap on the widget -> click on the blue text ->choose the widget you created -> tap out by tapping on another part of the screen.

For Colour widgets follow the same steps but click on colour widgets instead of widgetsmith.

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Change App Icon Photo

Get 100 Icons For $1.99 pastel pink icons on my screen were purchased there. There is also cream icons, black, flower, and blue!

1- First go into Etsy, Canva, or Pinterest to buy/find/make your icon covers.

2- Save them to your camera roll and head over to your shortcuts app. (Already downloaded to iPhones).

3- Click on the + in the top right hand corner.

4- Add action.

5- Search Open App -> click on the action.

6- Choose -> pick the app you want change.

7- Click on the blue circle with 3 dots under next button.

8- Add to home screen.

9- Replace New Shortcut 1 with the app name.

10- Add your new photo icon in by tapping on the grey box next to the text.

11- Done -> It will now appear on your home screen

Each time you do this make sure to exit out of the short cut completely by pressing cancel -> delete or save after adding it to your home screen. Then start over by pressing the + and so on. IF YOU DON’T DO THIS every app you add will go to the one app first chosen, even if you press a different opening app.

Downside To Changing The App Icon

Being able to customize your icons is a dream come true but unfortunately all pretty things come with a little pain. Every time you click on the new app it will first open up your shortcut app then redirect to the actual app. For some this wont bother them but for others it can be a deal breaker.


Why does my app open to another app after customizing the app icon in IOS 14?

You have to fully exit out of the action and create a new action for each app, or it will redirect to the initial first app chosen.

Why does my new app open shortcut first after customizing the icon?

Because it’s a short cut it will first open the shortcut app then redirect to the actual app. As of now I don’t know if there’s a way to stop shortcut from opening but i’ll look into it more.

What IOS do you need?

You will need IOS 14 to do this.

Where can I find app icons?

You can create them yourself by using the free app Canva, or use Pinterest! I will be launching a pack later this week if you are looking for something different.

Do I have to pay for widget smith?

No, it is free to use. However there is a subscription if you want to upgrade which will give you a couple more widgets like weather.

Pink icons 100 pack for $1.99

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