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Asian Glow

So I get Asian glow, if you never heard of it before it’s basically every time you drink you get red. It varies from person but for me I have one shot/drink of anything and 15 min later i’m flushed in the face, arms, and chest. You all of a sudden become really hot and start looking like you’ve been drinking all day. Here is a picture taken during the day after one beer.

The Cure

If you have heard about Asian glow it’s probably because you yourself also has it. I was scrolling through Instagram one day to come across their account, I messaged them eager to try their product to see if this really does work.

Glowless came up with these patches that you can put on 45min before drinking to avoid the glow. The patches are made up of natural ingredients and one will last you the whole night. I do wanna add that another curing effect it has is relieving hang overs. I know I was super excited to try it, but the real question is did it work?

Putting it to the test

I put it on my right upper arm about 50 min before I stated drinking, and it worked! The patch didn’t bother me which could of been a make it or break it. Iv’e tried other kinds of patches out like energy boosters from other companies and remember the patches being so itchy it was hard to wear. So i’m super happy with the results and I DO recommend trying these out.

There is a 85% success rate on these patches, if you fall into the 15% that it doesn’t work on you receive a full refund from the company so in my opinion it doesn’t hurt to try.

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