Penny Lane

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram posts tagged with Canggu you are probably wondering what that place with the 🤘 water fountain is called. You’ve come to the right place to find out. I know I originally saw it on an Instagram story, soon after went on a hunt for the cafe to which it ended up being just down the road from my stay.

It’s called Penny Lane. Check out their page here

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Penny Lane. From the beautiful decor to the well presented food this is one of the most visited cafe’s in Canggu. Mostly known for their avocado toast and big breakfast.

The vibe:

Even if you’re not a hipster you will dig the loft vibes. It’s really relaxed, lot’s of space and you can play ping pong while you wait for your food (real ping pong this isn’t Thailand)

The Art

I would say the photo speaks for itself

The Food

If you are there I recommend getting the big breakfast (80k)($8.00cad) which is in the photo below. The avocado toast (68k) ($6.80cad) was really good but the bread was burnt on the bottom making it impossible to cut through.


Juices= 42k ($4.20cad)

Drinks: 30k-45k ($3.00-$4.50cad)

Wine: 75k ($7.5cad)

Smoothie bowls= 55k-73k ($5.5-$7.3cad)

Wraps/ Burgers: 68k-82k ($6.80-$8.20)

Breakfast: 43k-75k ($4.30-$7.50)

Mains: 72k-85k ($7.20-$8.50cad)

Recommend: Big breakfast, and Brazilian Acai bowl

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