Why travel solidifies relationships

Going on a big trip with someone will make or break your relationship. You will learn every single thing about one another, and face many obstacles because big trips never run smoothly. You either find out that you guys are great and just work, or the bad side you can realize you guys can’t figure it out. It will be super clear but it usually takes a month to find out depending on your situation it could be different. It typically takes a month because you have to go through multiple situations first. On the other hand you guys will be spending a lot of time with each other.

Okay our relationship sky rocketed when we went away, I thought about it and it happens to almost everyone.

Fortunately for us we got the positive half. Our relationship sky rocketed!

Sometimes in relationships you have those small doubts like what if this obstacle came how would we handle it, after travelling doubt wasn’t a thing. We been through the absolute worst, and the been on the top of the world (sorry for the cheese) so we both know we its always going to work.

I really hope every one of you get there, and wanted to write this post to show that travel really can strengthen your current relationship.

A whole new world

There is no outside influence, you have so much time to focus on you and him. You’ll learn things about one another you never knew before, and begin to realize the world is so much bigger then the community you live in. Something about Edmonton we weren’t our best selves, we were unmotivated, partied a lot because that was our only source of fun, and kept wanting to better our health but never took action. We were always happy but felt theres got to be more, were just falling into this game of life; pay your taxes, be afraid to take risks, go to school, find a career, and most importantly conform to society.

After leaving we were hit with the most life changing perception: Were not stuck in Canada forever, we have the ability to be anywhere we want, a career isn’t a thing financial freedom is, we can leverage ourselves, and we can do everything we ever wanted no excuses. We actually had the motivation to be better, we changed our diet, got fit, built an online business together, stopped the excessive partying and focused on bettering ourself. I believe God guided us through that whole journey and for that i’m so thankful.


You are going to be making new and unique memories, lots will be getting out of your comfort zone but being able to do that shows that you guys can do the impossible. The future holds so much, if you guys can take the risk together you will keep growing because when couples stop growing thats where problems start happening.


You are going to go through the most stressful situations you’ve ever been in together. Stuff happens all the time like missing a flight, getting sick, getting lost, or loosing something important. At home it’s totally fine; there’s people around you who speak English, you’re fully covered under healthcare, and almost everything is easily replaceable. Now imagine abroad, any one of those situations cause a huge inconvenience! I thought I lost Josef’s wallet (we found it under the bed after) so he had to cancel his credit cards – luckily he kept one in a separate spot in case that exact scenario happened. Which leads to scenario two my card got locked resolution listed at the end. Back to loosing credit cards, you can’t get a new one mailed to you when you don’t have an address, he would of only had his passport as form of ID, as well he wouldn’t be able to replace stuff like his healthcare card etc until he got back. I was freaking out because I thought I lost it when I went to the lobby to get food; we always kept the cash in his wallet as I tend to forget my fanny pack a lot. Anyways i’m running through the building asking everyone if they’ve seen a wallet around but they don’t understand me because i’m speaking English not Thai. I’m not even thinking at this point because I had no clue how on earth I would loose it all thats on my mind is finding it. I went back up to the room and he’s like don’t stress; the cards are cancelled and everything is replaceable. That allowed me to calm down and actually think, I realized I never brought the wallet with me down I used the change in my purse so it’s gotta be in the room. We ended up finding it under the bed. So in conclusion that’s a prime example of how we work when one panics the other one thinks of a rational solution then calms the other down.

Imagine how stressful it can be for others; some loose passports and can get stuck in a country. (always keep copies and bring those instead when going out)

Going through these problems will really show your ability to get through things together. As well you will already have experience so when the time comes you guys already know. You will learn how to make the other feel better in the time, and learn what methods works best to solve problems.

tip one: Bring more then one credit card abroad and keep them in different spots. tip two: If your card gets locked you can call the bank for free through Skype.

Looking after one another:

You wont have family or friends to lean on, so you have to figure everything out yourselves. I feel that this strengthens your relationship completely.

If one fails the other one is right beside them,

When we both got food poisoning it was hectic. Honestly back home there would probably be someone else either a friend or family helping us out but abroad that wasn’t an option. We would take turns looking after one another because it comes in waves. I can’t put it into words but I remember laying next to each other feeling like death and we got ourselves in this mess we just got to wait it out. Its like after a night of partying and you both are feeling sick. And somehow you guys just get through it. After that its like we’ve been through the absolute worst, so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

You are able to lean on one another, the trust is insane, and you are able to give the encouragement needed to each other.

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