January 2020

We have been in Bangkok for just over a month, it’s been one of the most amazing adventures. 

We both love it here it feels like home away from home. For the past month we’ve been renting out a condo (1 bedroom 1 bath, Kitchen) for $30 a night. The complex includes an infinity pool, library, gym, laundry, and work space. It blows my mind how affordable a spot like this is.
We spent two weeks in Bangkok at the start of the trip and fell in love with this city.When I first started planning out the trip I couldn’t find much information on Bangkok which is why I wanted to create this post.

Initially when researching Khoa San Road was the main thing to do in Bangkok, in all honestly we have only been once because there’s so much more to see! Bangkok has so a lot to offer.

Things to do:


  • True love at never lands Husky Dog Cafe: Entrance fee is 500 baht each which comes with a drink ($21.50 cad)
  • The fairy door Alison in Wonderland Cat Cafe– You have to crawl through a tiny door to get in. I actually accidentally found this cafe, we went to a mall thought that was a cool photo spot then i pushed the door out of curiosity to see if it would open and surprisingly it did opening up to an entire cat cafe. There are glowing mushrooms inside and they did an awesome job making it look mystical. Read my blog here if you wanna know more/ see the photos/ video of the door to get in. You have to each order food. There prices were around 150-200 baht per meal and I believe she said we had to order one drink so we ended up getting a beer for 350 baht ($15 cad) which is really expensive compared to the $2 beers at the 711.
  • Unicorn Cafe– They have everything from rainbow cakes to rainbow spaghetti. No minimum spend.
  • Corgi in the Garden Corgi Dog Cafe: Click here to read my post on the corgi cafe. The entrance fee is 350 baht including a drink + optional 100 baht for a bowl of treats for the dogs.
  • There are plenty more animal cafes in Bangkok, like big dog cafe, a raccoon cafe, a guinea pig cafe, and the list goes on!
  • Here is a quick list of cafes to add to your saved list: pool time cafe, dog town in Ari, big dog cafe, mermaid castle cafe, floral cafe, my castle cafe, sretsis parlour, corgi in the garden, truelove, the fairy door, and unicorn cafe.


I made a guide to the best malls in Bangkok. To see photos and read more click here.

Siam paragon (High end Vegas style.)

Siam discovery and square.

Em Quairter (Hidden Gem).

Union (Marketplace Shopping).

Terminal 21 (Different City On Each Floor).



Where are all my adventure seeking travellers? This one’s for you.

  • Areoplane Graveyard– Abandon airplanes which you can go take photos in its super cool. Entrance fee is 200 baht a person.
  • Ancient City– museum outside of Bangkok if you wanted to explore all of it it would typically take two days. You can rent a golf cart to tour around in for 350 ($15cad) the first hour then 200 baht ($8.60cad) for every hour after. Update: To get in it is 700 baht each so around $30cad each.
  • Rome Restaurant– Expensive but its Rome themed and everything there is instagramable.
  • Wat Arun Temple– Read here for more. This temple is absolutely beautiful and only 100 baht entrance fee ($4.30).
  • Flow House- Surf house where you can get a feel for surfing before you hit the ocean. (more expensive then other activities)
  • Hajime Robot Restaurant- Chinese food, the robots are still a progress but the robots serve you your food.
  • Lumphini park- Always full of people, the park is beautiful! A free aerobics class happens everyday before sunset. As well the palm trees are lined up for a perfect photo.
  • Rent a Space Pod for the night- this is a really interesting experience read about it here at the Met a Space Pod.


Khoa San Road– If you are looking for other tourists this is the place to be. Good place to be if you are just starting out your trip and looking to meet people.

Meta Music Festival– If you are in Thailand for new years check out the Meta fest. The event is 20+. An Asia festival? Yes Please! It’s about $100-200 a ticket. This year they had Skrillex, Armin, Will sparks, Valentino, Vina and a bunch more.

Baby face night club– Club for Thai’s but it is an EDM club and it raves hard. If you love laser shows this is the spot for you.

The play exclusive club– Also a EDM club that’s worth checking out.

Getting Around


Taking the train is intimidating at first but after 2 weeks we got it totally down, so i’m here to save you the time and headache… here is what you need to know.

Typically a 26 baht ($1.12cad) train ride is a 120 baht ($5.15) grab ride.

Machines: It’s easier to buy your pass on the machines. First thing you do is change the language to English in the top right hand corner then tap the station you are trying to go. Pay and grab your chip/card from the bottom. It’s like a self checkout machine, pretty straight forwards. You can also go to the till to pay and get your chips/card.

Go through the security check: They will have those machines that are in airports just for safety. You can walk through behind the person in front of you, don’t have to wait for the walking sign to show up again. Then when you get to the ; to get through tap your card/chip to open it.

Figure out which train to take: There will be a big sign in English with all the stops. You always have to walk up a level to get to the trains but there is a staircase on the right side and one on the left. Both leading to different trains. To figure out which one to take look at the sign (one on each side) if your stop is highlighted then go to that side, if your stop is in light grey it is on the other side.

Getting out: When you arrive at your designated spot you will have to go through the machine again but this time insert your card or coin into the machine to open the gate.


Book on Go Wabi to find the best prices and deals https://www.gowabi.com/en The way Thai girls lash is so fast. They do an amazing job, a full set only takes an hour. I have no idea how they do it so perfectly. The way they do it here is you pick between these options 100 lash (cheapest) 200 lash or unlimited lashes, they have classic hybrid volume and mega volume in Bangkok. The first time I got what they call baby doll lashes (2d volume) for 200 lashes and paid $60 +$15 for removal which I just found a lash place in MBK (I didn’t book it online). The next time I got a lash set done was when I was back in Bangkok, I went to ‘About Color’ and booked with them through go wabi they were amazing!! I got (6d) mega volume unlimited lashes (she actually got to full coverage in one hour) for $60. I had 25% of my last set on and they removed it for free. This salon has a policy that you can come back and get a touch up within 3 days. The lashes retention was amazing, I was surprised they lasted through my whole Bali trip I was swimming in the ocean everyday, so those lashes been through alottt. I have been in Bangkok for a month + the 17 days in Bali + 3 days in Bangkok after I got it done AND THEY ARE STILL ON. I’ve never had lashes last this long, obviously i’m really in need of a fill but 25% of them are still there.


Get food delivered by downloading the app grab. It’s exactly like Uber Eats however the delivery fee is small or completely free. Try using the code FOOD50 it gave me 50% off my entire order although i’m not sure if it still works. You can choose card or cash, I like choosing to pay with card through the app because that means having to pull out cash from the ATM less. The ATM fees are actually pretty high so this will save you some bucks.

You can get food pretty much anywhere you go. Street food ranges from $1-$4, where the restaurants can range from $2-$7 a meal. One thing I will encourage you to stay away from and i’m sorry to say this is the pad Thai street trucks. The food is incredible but you will most likely get sick. If you go on Reddit you can see how many stories there are about it and personally I got sick as well.

Familiar spots: There will be a Seven Eleven on every street literally. There you can find some familiar food like grilled cheese. I would start off eating at spots you recognize then ease into the local food just so your body has time to adjust. The burger king is amazing in Thailand thats another spot to check out as well there is McDonalds though the menu will be completely different. For example instead of apple or berry pie they have corn sweet potato or pineapple pie.

Restaurants: Pepper jack is so good your meals come on a hot plate and then you can cook the meat on that plate. There is also Bon-Chon not the one in the airport but the one you see in the malls or on Grab. Their chicken is so different I have no clue how they make it like they do but if you like Popeyes you will love Bon-Chon.