Known for having different city on each floor its worth a visit! Use this guide when going to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

I came into the mall having no idea what it was, so I didn’t understand until later on. In other words I didn’t get to really appreciate what I was seeing. Therefore you don’t see any photos of each floor yet! Luckily Josef took photos so I will be adding those soon. I created this guide so you can guess the floor city then compare if you guessed it right.

Rated #2 of the best malls in Bangkok

The mall is called Terminal 21

Use this guide during your visit:

Floor G: Rome. This floor has some crazy architecture as well as painting on the roof. The stores that you will find here are high end.

Floor M: Paris. Love is in the air all over the main level. The stores on this level are beauty based.

Floor 1: Tokyo. My favourite floor, japan is beautiful and this floor really shows japans true beauty. Walk through 4 street with the lanterns hanging from the roof or take a photo with the statues by the escalator from pairs. Women’s clothing is sold on this floor.

Floor 2: London. Represents London very accurately, this floor is for men.

Floor 3: Istanbul. Now I never knew this city existed before the visit but after leaving I want to see more! This floor has shoes and accessories.

Floor 4: San Francisco. There is a big red bridge that you will have to check out. This floor has food.

Floor 5: Bangkok of course. The top floor is a food court, full of amazing food. Instead of paying cash/credit at the till you will have to grab a card there will be a station set up. You pay them to load the card, then use that card to pay at the till.

More info- Terminal 21 Website