How adorable is this cafe?

Cheche’s Luwak Cafe is a hidden gem in Ubud, Bali. It's located just up the street from monkey forest. This is an experience you wont wanna miss.

You probably heard of Luwak coffee. If you haven't to sum it up; it is one of the most expensive coffee’s in the world selling for $35-$100 a cup. We found this gem in Ubud, Bali down the street from our hotel. We actually never heard of Luwak coffee before this, blinded from the hype we never tried any… but we did meet the furry helpers!

We arrived around 1 pm, lucky for us the place was empty. Every other time we walked by it was packed, so we lucked out! The lady working was a sweetheart she offered to take our photos and had great hospitality. She went above and beyond to make our experience awesome.

The Luwak's looked tired when we arrived that is until we bought some banana bread. The Luwak's suddenly came to life when they smelt the banana. You are allowed to feed them. As you can see below the food never left their sight.

Be prepared to give up your banana bread, but it's totally worth it. Once the bread was finished they went right back to sleep. They are friendly towards people so you don’t have to worry about being bit or scratched. I 10/10 recommend going to this cafe if you are in Ubud. The staff are friendly, food is good priced and the experience is wholesome.