Kanto Lampo Waterfall

This extravagant waterfall is set up for a picture perfect moment. If you are in the Ubud area defiantly add this to your itinerary!

I recommend leaving any valuables that can’t get wet behind as you will have to jump in the water to get to the photo spot. Another option is putting everything in a waterproof bag, you can pick one up at the market. Like usual I learned the hard way, I had the drone in my bag which ended up getting a bit wet. Luckily it survived!

On a side note: I don't think you can fly a drone in the area.

As for your phone put it in the waterproof bag, when you get in the water the rocks could be slippery in areas so you don't want to chance dropping your device.

Photo Spots

The first photo was taken at the side of the waterfall right at the bottom of the path/stairs. This spot is less crowded and the lighting creates a really awesome shadow effect. After you take your first round of photos you will have to jump in the water, and walk through to the middle where you can take your second Instagram worthy photo (optional). When we went there was a line, typically I see this a lot where there is one person holding up the line by taking 100 photos. It’s important to get that perfect picture which makes it easy to get carried away, just make sure you are conscious of how long you take. If you don't like the results you can always line up again it usually goes quick. Everyone typically took 4-5 photos then would let the next person go.

For this second photo spot depending on the time of day the light can be harsh hitting you from the top. Lighting from the top creates that “eyebrows disappear + triangle nose shadow” effect. The lighting is the best if you can get there in the morning. If you go mid day and see the harsh lighting coming in make sure to get a photo of you from the back as a plan B. That way if you don't like how the photos turned out because of the lighting you will have a backup.

Capturing The Moment

The person taking your photo will be down in the water while you get in line to climb up the rocks. If you are solo ask someone around to take your picture, a tripod won't work in the second spot. While waiting for your turn plan out your poses and make sure to leave your belongings with your partner or on the rocks because you are about to get soaked.

It was absolutely beautiful but very crowded and tricky. The stairs start to wear off and turn into big rocks getting down to the waterfall as well; they are wet so keep that in mind when visiting. This wouldn’t be a place to visit if you are injured. Plan to spend an hour here.

Overall The experience is fun and this would be a waterfall worth checking out if you are up for a challenge.


Kanto Lampo is absolutely beautiful, but you have to be prepared for a challenge. The stairs start to wear off and turn into big rocks getting down to the waterfall, The trail is slippery so take extra caution. If you are injured it might be better to skip this one and visit Tegenungan instead.

Time: Plan to spend an hour here.

Location: 20 min from Ubud in Gianyar ||| Jl. Kaliasem lingk.kelod kangin, Beng, Kec. Gianyar or "Kanto Lampo Waterfall" on Google Maps.