You probably heard of the basic tourist mall MBK but did you know that there are way cooler malls to check out first!? We followed the locals and found them all. Most guides I found online only had one or two listed. Bangkok has some of the coolest malls in Thailand and i’m really excited to share my favourite’s.

For travel in 2022!

Top 6

1 Siam Paragon

2 Terminal 21

3 Em Quairter

4 Siam Center

5 Central World

6 Union Mall

#1.  Siam Paragon

If you take anything from this blog post it’s to add Siam to your travel itinerary!

Siam hands down the best mall in Bangkok, I lost count of how many times i’ve been.

Siam is the heart of Bangkok. There is always something going on there. From magic lands, luxury stores, events, to luxury cars they have it all. There are also photo spots set up everywhere…every girls dream!! If you only have a couple days in Bangkok add this mall to your itinerary, you won’t regret it. Siam is made up of luxury stores like Gucci. So at the actual mall you probably won’t do much shopping, but there are lot’s of amazing street markets like knock out market just outside. The mall is more a place for creating content, and being entertained by the most random but super cool events. My boyfriend and I were out on a Sunday stroll and ended up at Siam to see something so unique. I honestly don’t know the word for this type of event, but basically they have huge dragon balloons that fly up in the air with a story line.

Getting there: Take the sky train to Siam station.

#2. Terminal 21

Okay this mall is super unique check it out… I loved it!

I have an entire post dedicated to Terminal 21 it’s that sweet.

Official Mall Website

Check out this post to read more about.

Every floor has its own city theme including: Rome, Paris, and Tokyo.

Getting there: Take the BTS train to Asoke station

#3. Em Quairter

Not a lot of tourist know about this mall. It has one of the largest indoor waterfalls. Like Siam there is always something cool going on. There is a movie theater (in.c a separate one for kids only), a million floors with restaurants to which you can walk in circles all the way to the top; without having to take an elevator, and a beautiful indoor arcade.

100% put this on your list! Add it to your google maps.

Official Mall site

Getting there: take the BTS train to Asoke station

#4. Siam Center

Siam paragon is right next to Siam center.

The interior design is unforgettable, to me it feels like I’m in Tokyo, and there’s a ball pit in the middle of the mall. May be seasonal (Dec-Feb) but defiantly worth a visit! Beside the Ball pit is a LED staircase leading down to the bathrooms.

Getting there: Get off at Siam station stop.

#5. Central world

This mall is by the Siam and has a huge celebration on New years eve. The mall has a large supermarket on the top floor along with a luxury cinema. There are many shops from known brands so they will be around the same price as in Canada but great quality. The next mall listed has Thailand prices for clothing.

#6. Union Mall

Best mall to actually shop for clothing. Minus the shopping there isn’t much to see. So this mall is for going straight to business. That being said, if you are looking for a new wardrobe this is the place to be! I spent 4 hours here straight looking at clothes and I only got through three floors out of many.

Getting there: take the train to Ha Yaek Lat Phrao station.

That concludes the top 6! To sum it all up Siam area has 3 amazing malls to create content at (Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Central World). Em Quartier mall has the largest indoor waterfall, and Terminal 21 has a different city theme on each floor. Union mall is where you go to shop for a wardrobe. On top of that check out all of the local street markets they have amazing clothing I will list some below.

Market favourites:

Knock out market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Silom Night Market.

Floating Markets.