How To Prepare For Travel

This list goes for anywhere you are headed!

01. Make sure your cards don’t expire.

You will want to double check that nothing expires while you’re away because you’re not going to get any mail while your gone.

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence’s
  • Credit Cards
  • Travel Rewards Cards

02. Prescriptions and Contacts.

Make sure you order more than enough contacts, don’t leave it last minute. If you take any medications make sure you tell your doctor you are going traveling so she/he can make sure you have enough, or that you can get more where ever your destination is. To be safe on top of the prescription get a doctors note, places like Bali Indonesia require one on top of your prescription. This is important because you can end up in jail without it. With the language barrier, it would be hard to explain yourself.

Check up on the regulations in each country before going.

03. Look into tourist visas.

I’m from Canada so this is catered towards Canadians. The rules are different for every country but the process is usually the same. I will be making an entire post about tourist visas soon as there’s not enough information online about it.

Step one- Search tourist visa requirements “country name” from Canada. Head over to the countries embassy website to read the rules.

Step two- Depending on how many days you will be in the country apply for a tourist visa or go visa-free (upon arrival). I’ll explain the two below using both Indonesia and Thailand as an example.

In both countries, you need to apply for a tourist visa if you will be staying in the country for more then 29 days. If you are going for less skip this part, you’ll get a visa exemption upon arrival meaning you show up sign a form saying you will be out of the country before 29 days and you are good to go.

If you plan a trip longer then 29 days here are you two options. Option 1- (prefer option 2) Apply for the tourist visa in Canada (before your trip). This will cost $50-$200 depending on which one you choose single entry (you are only going into the country once and staying for more than 29 days $50) or multiple entries (you are going to the country for over 29 days flying out then back in for another >30 days $200).

Option 2– To avoid the headache and cost I recommend doing your trip this way. Fly into Thailand or wherever for less than 29 days then fly out to another country like Indonesia then fly back into Thailand and you will be given another 29 days visa-free. If you choose this way make sure you always have an outbound ticket booked, so when you fly into Thailand you must have your flight already booked to go out of the country. Most times they check, if they do and you don’t have a flight confirmation then they can refuse to let you in.

I did my entire trip like that, where I flew to one country stayed 27 days, to the next for 27 days and the next.

04. Travel Insurance.

I’m not really one to talk but this year I am getting travel insurance for sure. I’ll update this post once I find the best company to go through.

Most credit cards include travel insurance just make sure to put your flight and hotels on it. However they usually only cover you 15 days max. If you are going on a big trip then you might have to look into it.

If your credit card or work doesn’t cover it I recommend using Goose insurance (app) they have a $10 incentive, I remember I only paid $2 for my week Mexico trip with that incentive. The other time I used goose was in Thailand for a week which cost me $30.

So far I’m finding the average price for 6-month coverage is $600. (Updates to come)

05. Plan Content Creation.

So you are going to wanna look for hidden gems before you go by looking on Instagram and Facebook. This will help you get an idea of the kind of content you’re going to get.

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I always make an album in my saved of different spots and inspo photos. Trust me when I say this, by the time you get to your destination you won’t have time to sit down plan out both your shots and route. Like I said in an earlier post I winged my trip, but I still had an album of spots in each destination. It made it 10x easier because all I had to do was plan out the content for that day.

06. Create a Google Maps List.

This is for sure my favorite tip. Not a lot of people know about this but you can download the google maps app (not the one that automatically comes with I phone) and create lists that will put a little marker on top of spots.

So now when you check into your hotel room you can pull up your app to see if any of your saved spots are close by.

07. Multiple Credit Cards

If you don’t already have 2-3 credit cards apply! Try to pick one with a 0% foreign transaction fee.

Let the bank know the dates you’ll be out of the country, even then sometimes your card will lock. Which is where having multiple credit cards come into play.

Place your credit cards in different spots example- one in your wallet, backpack, and purse. That way if you ever lose your wallet you have backups.

The third reason to have multiple credit cards is that one will always go wrong. whether the ATM didn’t give it back, or that certain card doesn’t work in the ATM’s.

08. Download Apps

What’s App- As mentioned before download whats app to stay in contact with friends and family.

Offline Map- May come in handy when you first arrive and don’t yet have a new phone plan.

Skype- In case you get locked out of your bank account you can call your bank through the app over WiFi (one call free).

Agoda- Find hotels for cheap, map view.

Hostel World- Find hostels all over the world. Find hotels and earn rewards which give you a discount (has the best prices, same room same villa but a bigger discount).

AirBNB- Set up your account before your leave, you’ll be able to book unique spots through this app like a treehouse or a mushroom house in Bali.

Canva- I personally love Canva for creating a visual planned itinerary.

Flight Aware- Allows you to track the timing of planes to check for any delays.

XE- Currency Converter- Easy to use making life in a new country a whole lot easier.

09. Look For Any Local Events Happening

There are many ways you can see if there will be any local events happening during your trip. These can be festivals, concerts, markets, themed days, block parties, color runs,

A) Facebook Events – Search in events area the destination and dates you will be there.

B) Facebook Groups- Join travel groups (Country x Travel) and ask. There are also groups that do travel meet-ups for content creation, influencers, travel bloggers, and digital nomads. They meet in different places all the time. Before going make sure the group is legit, look at past meetups photos, check out the bloggers who run it, and always bring someone with you.

C) Google Search – Look up events in City for X dates.

D) Pinterest – Search annual events in City X.

10. Save Up Enough

Make sure you have more than enough saved for your trip, no matter what your budget is always have more.

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Good safety is $1000 for unexpected costs, for example missing a plane, getting sick, or your partner’s bank card locks.

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