So you want your wallpaper to automatically change when switching modes

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Here Is The Tutorial

Before beginning add the photo you want the wallpaper to change to, into a new album. I name my albums “_____ Focus.”

  1. Go To The App “Shortcuts”

2. Create Automation

At the bottom of your screen you will see “Automations”. Click on that.

Create a Personal Automation.

Scroll down to focuses -> Choose one. Click on ” When Turning On”.

3. Find Photo

Go to “Add Action” -> Search “Find Photos” -> Tap on it.

Add a filter to be able to choose the album you put your wallpaper in.

4. Choose Wallpaper

Tap on recents to change the album. Choose the album you created earlier for the wallpaper. For me it’s “Morning Focus”.

Now to change the wallpaper we need to add a new action. To do so tap on the search bar.

5. Choose Wallpaper

Type “Set Wallpaper” tap on the option that comes up.

Turn off preview by clicking on the small down arrow, and toggle “Show Preview” off. I like to turn on perspective view but it is optional.

Finally tap on “Done” to finish.

6. Create Automation For turn off

Follow the same steps to make a new automation for when you turn the focus off going back to regular mode. For this wallpaper choose your main one.

If you don’t add an automation for the wallpaper to change when you turn the focus off your wallpaper will stay the same.

Thanks for reading !

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