I’m going to try to open up your mind in this post on how travel is attainable.

Travel isn’t for everyone and I know that, but if you are interested keep reading so you can turn it into a reality.

In 2018 I never thought I would be able to attain long term travel without wasting all my money to go to school abroad. I always wanted to travel but didn’t even know where to start.

Canadian culture doesn’t include much travel, where you look at Europe… completely opposite. In Europe they are pushed to explore the world while they’re young and healthy. Here it’s pushed on you to go when you have the ‘money’ after retirement. Did you know travelling can be cheaper then your cost of living now?

You make good money in Edmonton but the cost of living is so high you end up spending almost all of it, right? What most people don’t realize is that you can work 6 months in Edmonton saving up as much as you can, then leverage your dollar by travelling. I have saved more money abroad than I would have being at home because of the dollar stretch. Ex: I will spend $1500 on rent at home or $300 on rent in Asia.

Travel Drawbacks

The only trade off is that you can’t have a solid income when you are over seas unless you are working online aka a digital nomad. That’s why it’s really important to save; try to eat in, wait to shop in Thailand, and stop going out so much. If you go to the bar 2x a week and spend $50 on drinks a night… in a month that is your flight to Asia. Another big problem that can hold you back is liabilities and commitments at home. This one is tough because everyone’s situation is different. Let’s start with the biggest one which is your home, if you own; renting your place out while your gone is a good option. This leads to another obstacle; Where are you going to put your stuff? And where will you live in between the time of the renter in your place and you catching your flight? Same goes if you are renting, where will you store everything? Depending on how long your trip is you can try to sell most of your belongings and then store the rest at a parents/siblings house. Or rent a small garage space. As for where to stay you can always rent in a local Airbnb. If none of this is optional you can get a roommate to help with some of the rent costs.

I want to add this in the post incase any of you are looking to purchase a place in the future. Buying a spot with a basement suite can solve part of this, or buying a multi family home. Where you rent out 3 units and keep the 4th to yourself. 3 units might cover the entire mortgage so you will always have a base but still be able to travel.

Digital Nomad / Income Streams

There is so much opportunity to make money online right now. Try everything and if something works stick with it. Having cash flow will allow you to travel long term. Wether thats from travel collaborations, online passive income, real-estate income, or taking your office work remote. Many start out by working for half the year and travelling the other half, eventually they find ways to monetize online from being around an inspiring expat community. Some of the most common jobs of nomads i’ve come across is: Coding/Digital Development, Digital Marketing, Online English Teacher, Video Editors, and Content Creator (brand collabs and affiliate marketing). Shoot for the stars you never know how far working for yourself can go as there is no limit.

When it comes to making money online and the whole girl boss trend don’t catch yourself in a too good to be true trap. Those who want to travel are often targeted to join a MLM / Pyramid scheme. I do know people who have made money from it but you usually have to recruit others and sell a whole lot of products. Most don’t make anything and others come out negative from having more stock than sales. Always do your own research before, and that goes with anything online.

Travel Can Be Inexpensive

Depending where you are in the world travel can be inexpensive. If you go to Australia or parts of Europe it will cost more, If you go somewhere in Asia it will be significantly less. The best site to look at the average cost of living for nomads is: The Nomad List

When you get down to South East Asia it will only cost you about $100 to fly to another country within Asia. That blew my mind at first because flying within Canada costs a lot more than that. (Example from Thailand To: -> Vietnam = $70, -> Bali = $100, -> Singapore = $60, -> Malaysia = $70). The highest cost is the flight from Canada, so it makes sense to make your trip longer.

Mexico Resort VS Thailand

Canadians love all inclusive Mexico resorts, i’m guilty of it. I broke down the general prices of Thailand vs our 2019 Mexico trip.

Mexico for a week at all inclusive 5 star resort = $2500 OR if you get a good deal like us you can go for $1200 a week. We decided to do an excursion which added $600 on so +$300 each. and the +$100 shopping/spending spree * b) Our Week In Mexico = $1600 each.

  • Round Trip flight Thailand/Bali average $1000 (Your most expensive cost. After the trip is inexpensive.)
  • Stay in $20 hotel (travel for 2) or $10 hostel for 30 days which is $10 each =$300
  • Plan to eat two big meals a day + snacks throughout at $10 a day =$300 =$1600 = Our week in Mexico = RT Flight to Asia + Hotels + Food for a month. In other words our 1 week in Mexico = 1 Month In South East Asia.

Further on, to reach $2500 cad

  • Rent a scooter for $5 a day or budget that for your taxi/train rides =$150
  • Hit up 5 waterfalls average $2 = $10
  • Go to 4 temples average $5 = $20
  • Feed the elephants = $40
  • Bali Swing or Thailand Animal Cafe = $15
  • A beer a day $2 = $60
  • 3 Thai/Bali massages $10 = $30
  • Flower bath For The Gram = $35
  • Fly to Bali from or to Thailand (RoundTrip) = $200
  • Take three flights between cities within a country $40 = $120
  • Go see 2 caves $5 = $10 = Currently at $2290
  • Boat ride on Phi Phi islands = $8
  • Monkey forest Bali = $4.50
  • Dog cafe = $15
  • Sim card unlimited data $20
  • Shopping = $162.50
  • = $2500 for a month in Thailand or Bali

The longer you stay the less expensive it is. Meaning once you take out the initial flight cost you can be there for $1000-$1500/month.

Instead of spending one week at a fancy Mexico resort you can travel to two countries. How crazy is that?

I have another post for Trip General Costs – Thailand Edition where I go more into detail on costs.

Indonesia will be released later this year.

The 3 Things Holding People Back From Traveling Is…

  • Saving

  • Not Having A Travel Buddy
  • No Time (Work / School)


When you have to spend 80% of what you make in order to survive its easy to get stuck in the 9-5 lifestyle all year around. Some challenge that statement and say thats what a normal person should do, because it’s drilled in our heads. I on the other hand say don’t settle for anything less than what you want. Before getting into ways to save I quickly want to point out that joining an mlm will most likely not give you the freedom

Disclaimer: Not Financial Advice, always do your own research and seek a financial advisor.

  1. Prioritize- The two most common ones are: Look into down scaling your place or your car. It might seem important to have the best, but instead of driving that nice car that one or two of your friends obsess over, you can be lying on a beach. When you come out here nobody cares what you have back home, it’s irrelevant. All you can bring past the airport is your health, skills, and personality.
  2. Increase your investments. My non financial advice is to invest in a dividend stock so you can have some passive income. For general investing start by downloading the wealth simple app. You can also open a direct investing account at your bank. When you are able to understand the lows and highs you can invest if you think the timing is right. Patience is key. Investments don’t just mean stocks, it can also mean buying real estate, crypto, part of a start up venture, or investing time into learning a new skill.
  3. Get a roommate. This will help cut your cost down AND you wont have to worry about the maintenance of your house if you choose to keep it while travelling.
  4. Cut down the partying. It sucks I know, but skipping a rave, or night of drinking can be put towards your travel fund.
  5. Find a side hustle. This separates you from the average person in my opinion. The best thing about a side hustle is that is feels like a hobby but you’re getting paid. With side hustles there’s no guaranteed income but also there’s no cap on how much you can make.
  6. Instead of giving in to clothing trends try to only buy wardrobe staples. Or spend more on your staple pieces and a small amount on trends.
  7. Scale back on eating out.
  8. Generate multiple streams on income. Which goes along with finding a side hustle.

Travel Buddy

Travelling the world alone is scary but it’s do-able. I met a girl on the plane who just turned 18 and is doing her first ever backpacking trip. She did it solo, there are also many resources and blogs out there for solo travellers.

If you prefer to travel with someone here are some way’s you can find a travel buddy.

  1. There are Facebook groups for solo female travellers that you can join where travel girls can connect and travel together. Get to know the person (in person) first to see if you click. Always be careful because you never know who the person is behind the profile.
  2. Along with Facebook groups there are digital nomad meet ups everywhere, where you can make new friends who are also on the road. One great group in Bali is: Girls in Bali – they do coffee meet ups often.
  3. You will meet lots of solo travellers in the hostels or even on the plane. Find on a group to stick with for a bit until you get comfortable with being abroad, then move around.
  4. Convince your friend/partner to save up and go.
  5. Go to a travel expo and try to meet as many people as you can.
  6. A simple instagram story asking if any friends are planning a trip. Many people will bail last minute so have a back up plan.

Tip for solo travellers: never let strangers know that you are travelling alone, and don’t post the hotel/hostel you are staying at until after you checkout.

Time Away From Job / School

School: With school you have four months to go travel but you need to find a way to have a stream of income online. Many digital nomads are making the same amount of money as someone working 9-5 all summer.

Job: See if your work can accommodate travel. A good option is getting a seasonal job. Keep your main job for a guaranteed income to pay your bills.. You really shouldn’t be working full time to pay your bills, if so your cost of living is too high. Everything after that is a hustle to save and 10% to spend on yourself. Take your savings and throw it into something that will earn interest like a GIC (low reward, safe), or stocks (high reward, risk involved) . Now while you work your money can be growing at the same time.


Travel Tips

Tip 1: When you do go on your trip get lots of content and make sure to back it up on to a hard drive. You will eventually have time to sort through it all, and you will be glad you got all the footage you did. If you plan to produce content for hotels in the future practice creating. It’s an awesome way to fund travel. I always say the first trip make it about experience and learning the customs. Then after a week or your next trip focus more on getting content.

Tip 2: Learn about Travel Hacking, it is so smart. You can get free flights, free hotels etc.

Tip 3: Get a credit card giving you points towards travel. I can make a post later on some of my favourite cards.