Adventure Packed & Content Ready

This two day itinerary is perfect if you’re looking for an adventure packed day or looking to get an endless amount of content. This post includes price details and one of the few itineraries out there focused on content creating! Day one strictly focuses on creating content at all of the Instagrammable spots in Tulum. Day two is packed with adventure. You can choose which day you want first or only choose to do one of the days. The reason I have the IG spots as day one is in case I fall short of time or a photo doesn’t come out right I can go back to the spot on day two.

Staying in Tulum is significantly more expensive than other parts of Mexico like PDC. Taking a day trip up to Tulum might be a great option if you’re backpacking on a budget. I start the itinerary off in Playa Del Carmen so if you are staying in the Tulum area you can skip past the first part “getting to Tulum” and get some extra sleep!

Getting To Tulum

Tulum is an hour away from Playa Del Carmen. To start your day off wake up as early as you possibly can to catch the sunrise while heading down to Tulum. To get to Tulum there are multiple options: (Prices are estimates)

  • A: Rent a car for the day (Around $20-$30 USD / $35 CAD depending on the company).

  • B: Take the Colectivo bus 40 MXN/person – one way ($2 USD / $2.50 CAD) Runs 5am-11:00pm.

  • C: Take the ADO bus 140MXN/person – one way ($7 USD / $8 CAD) Departs 8am to 12:30pm. Runs 8am-8.25pm.

  • D: Take a taxi. It will cost around 600 MXN on average ($30 USD / $35 CAD).

  • E: Rent a driver for the day. You might be able to negotiate with a Taxi driver to spend the day with you at a day rate. I did this is Bali because I was too nervous to drive, it put me at ease making it 100% worth the money and you can ask them for some local spots to go to. Expect to pay somewhere around $60-80USD maybe more maybe less depending on the time of year.

Getting Around Tulum

  • Car if you choose option A or E.

  • Taxi

  • My personal favourite, rent a bicycle for the day. On average this costs 150-200MNX/Day ($7-10 USD) or 300 Pesos ($15 USD) if you want an aesthetic bike from certain hotels. (Petal Bike)

Day 1: Photo Day

Have your camera ready and multiple outfit changes; today’s all about getting pretty photos in some of Tulums iconic locations.

The itinerary starts in the order from Tulum Town. Arriving into Tulum: From here you can take a taxi to the beach or rent a bike for the day.

  • Ado Bus: You will arrive at the station – Terminal Autobuses Tulum ADO.

  • Colectivo: Arrives in Tulum town close to ADO bus station.

First Stop: The Beach! Aka Paradise Beach

The public beach name is Playa Paraiso de Tulum / Paradise Beach.

✰ Content Ideas ✰

Location: Playa Paraiso de Tulum

There is no entry fee. Open 24h

Paradise beach is at the start of this route from the top going down to the hotel zone.

Since the beach is open 24hours I thought it would be perfect to start the sunrise off here! Depending on how early you get here is how much time you have to chill on the beach. At this time it shouldn’t be busy typically the early mornings are good.

Make sure to get a photo on one of the insta famous slanted palm trees, and on the swings.

  • 20 Minute bike ride from Tulum Town (ADO Station)
  • 17 Minute drive from Tulum Town (ADO Station)
  • 1H 30min Walk from Tulum Town (ADO Station)

ROC Hotel Entrance

✰ Content Ideas ✰

Entry Fee: To take a photo at the entry theres no fee.

Editing: To get your photo like the above: I like to make the whites brighter by turning down the yellow saturation in Lightroom, and then you can play around with the lighting.

Ven a La Luz at Ahau

You want to get here early to avoid the big line. The wait will be over 30 min if you come later on.

Entry Fee: Free | Time: Always accessible

Location: Ahau Resort entrance. Entrance to Raw Love cafe.

Raw Love cafe is popular for their vegan smoothie bowls. The beach location was under renovation but will be opening back up tomorrow! (OCT 16, 2021)

  • 17 Minutes From Playa Paraiso de Tulum. (Fastest Option)

  • 20 Minutes From Playa Paraiso de Tulum.


✰ Content Ideas ✰

Location: Vegalume entrance.

Entry Fee: It is free to take a photo at the enterance (hand).

Vegalume has a beach club with a minimum spend of 150USD.

Photo: Try to take the photo from the side of the bridge where the camera is facing towards the beach. It will come out better with the beach in the background.

  • 1 Minute.

  • 1 Minute.

Matcha Mama

✰ Content Ideas ✰

Location: Match Mama. This place is super aesthetic! The four iconic photo spots are: The sign out front, In front of the surf board, On the swings, and by the interior. If you can add your own creative twist this will make your photos stick out.

While your’e there might as well try one of their amazing plant based smoothie bowls!

Time: 8:00AM-6:00PM

Price range on Trip Advisor: CA$4 – CA$12

  • 3 Minutes.
  • 12 Minutes.

Follow That Dream Sign

✰ Content Ideas ✰

Location: Lolita + Lolita Botique

SFER Azulik Museum Or Uh May

SFER Entry Cost: $10 USD

Time: 11am-6:30pm

Uh May Entry Cost: $20 USD

Time: 10am-5:00pm


Other less known spots:

Plaza Kapen-Ha Wings. In order to get a photo you might have to make dinner reservations.

Day 2:

Adventure Day

First Stop: Cenote Calavera

✰ Content Ideas ✰

Entrance Fee: 250 MXN. ($10USD) | Hours: 9am-5pm | Duration 1h

Aim to get here around 9:00AM for open that way theres a better possibility that you will get the place all to yourself.

You have probably seen this cenote all over Instagram!

  • Bike – 25 Minutes

  • 10 Minute drive from Tulum

  • Taxi around 150 MXN to get there ($7.30 USD)

The rest of day 2 will be posted soon!